Monday, 27 July 2020

Transport Minister bans himself

The natural cynic in me can’t help but suspect that those opposition politicians criticising the UK government for imposing a sudden self-isolation requirement on people returning from Spain would have been equally critical had the government given 14 days’ notice of its intention to do so. They certainly seem to be the same people who complained about the government being so tardy in implementing any form of quarantine previously. It seems to me that the swiftness of the action on this occasion is just about the first time that the government have got something right (although it will doubtlessly be inconvenient, to say the least, for those affected by the decision). The bigger problem, in terms of public health, is the weak, half-hearted and poorly enforced nature of the restrictions being imposed, which allow those coming from areas of high infection to travel home from the airport by public transport as long as they ‘promise’ to stay at home for a fortnight, coupled with the absence of any support for employers who then potentially lose employees for a fortnight.
The even bigger cynic in me wondered why the government was able to act so quickly and effectively on this occasion, having failed to do so in the past. Could his own department really be that anxious to keep the Transport Secretary out of the way for an extra two weeks? I can’t say that I’d blame them, mind…

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dafis said...

Keeping Shapps out of the loop for 14 days - no big deal. His laziness is evident from his lack of real grasp of his brief. Man is almost as useless as Greyling ! So the rest of the ministerial group will muddle along with one less blunderer on the team. John Crace commented a few days ago that these were a second rate cabinet and some comments questioned why he rated them so highly !