Monday 13 July 2020

Extracting the uric acid?

Perhaps Liam Fox was (is?) a good GP. Most people are good at something, although his recent political career has only taught us what he’s bad at. Assuming that his forte is indeed the practice of medicine, it isn’t exactly a solid basis for running the World Trade Organisation, the job for which he has been nominated by Boris Johnson. The man who gave us that phrase about “the easiest deal in history” will not immediately convince many that he has the knowledge and experience to oversee trade deals around the globe. It leaves me wondering why on earth the PM has put his name forward at all.
It could be that he genuinely believes Fox to have all the necessary attributes for the job and to be such an obvious candidate that the rest of the world will fall at his feet thanking him for his perspicacious nomination (as opposed to merely falling about laughing). It’s entirely possible that he hasn’t bothered even to read the man’s cv, given his known lack of attention to detail. It might be that he wants to destroy the WTO; destruction of the established order seems to be the PM's goal in life (or at least, the goal of his puppet master). Maybe he even thinks that the Peter Principle should apply – one of the corollaries as I recall is that for every job there is someone somewhere who is incompetent to do it, and sooner or later the two will meet. It’s also possible that he's made the worst nomination he could think of, in order to be rebuffed so that he has another opportunity to tells us all how nasty those foreigners are in the way they treat “this great country of ours”.
Or he could just be taking the p*ss. Occam’s Razor suggests that might be the most likely reason.

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