Saturday 18 July 2020

The world's worst interview?

As a general rule, and assuming that they’re serious, people applying for jobs tend to try and demonstrate why they’re the right person for the job. Most people’s experience would confirm that demonstrating that one understands the requirements and highlighting how one’s talents and experience match those requirements is not a bad strategy if one wants to convince the interviewers. In what must surely be a contender for one of the worst interview pitches in history, Liam Fox, the UK’s candidate for head of the WTO, tried, instead, the novel approach of highlighting precisely the requirements which make him a singularly inappropriate candidate for the job.
Apparently, according to the Guardian, “Fox said the organisation needed a scarred political heavyweight capable of talking directly to major countries about the value of a rules based free trade order.” Scarred, maybe, but for a lightweight who has been sacked from his last two jobs and who has been a significant part of a campaign to destroy the idea of a rules-based order, it looks very much like an appeal to appoint someone else. And just in case they weren’t entirely convinced by that, he added that he hoped the EU “would back the candidate most in line with their values and aspirations for global free trade that the EU has”. I think we can be confident that the EU will do precisely as he wishes rather than back a candidate who has spent years trying to undermine everything the EU does. His only chance is if the other candidates are even better at talking the interviewers out of appointing them.

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