Friday 15 June 2018

Of promises and slaps

The Brexit rebels within the Tory Party are more than a little upset that the wording of an agreement that they thought that they had reached with the Prime Minister was subsequently changed to make it meaningless and worthless.  At first sight, their anger seems entirely reasonable – what’s the point of negotiating with someone who later denies having ever agreed anything and arbitrarily demands agreement to something totally different?
But, hold on a minute – isn’t that exactly what the whole government has been doing with Michel Barnier and the EU27?  Every time they think they’ve got something agreed with the UK Government, that government denies everything and claims that they could never and would never have agreed to any such thing.  A few rebel MPs are being wholly unrealistic in expecting more honesty and integrity than anyone else gets – especially when it appears that the government can rely on most of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition to help them achieve their aim anyway.

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