Monday, 26 March 2018

Correcting the right mistake

I disagree with the claim made by Owen Smith over the weekend that Corbyn made a mistake in sacking him.  Not because I find it hard to imagine how sacking Owen Smith could ever be a mistake (although I do), but because the real mistake has nothing directly to do with sackings or individuals, it is a policy issue relating to Brexit.  Corbyn is, at heart, a determined Brexiteer, a factor which is making it incredibly difficult for him to see the open political goal in front of him.

Of bigger concern to me than sacking a shadow minister for not toeing his leader's lie was the statement by another shadow minister over the weekend, namely Keir Starmer, who said that "We cannot allow Labour to break apart over Brexit".  In a single sentence he has summed up the underlying similarity between Labour and the Tories - both are putting the needs of their parties at the top of their priority list.  And in both cases, that drives them to support a decision which they know to be damaging for almost everyone else.


Jonathan said...

Keir Starmer is a good man to have on the Remain team because he is personnally distinguished. He taught the whole Judiciary about Human Rights law etc etc. And he can expose the lack of logic and supporting facts on the Brexit case. Dominic Grieve (Tory) is the same. As you say, Borthlas, what a shame the UK is so tied to existing Parties. We need new ones. Not least in Wales

Anonymous said...

"We cannot allow Labour to break apart over Brexit"

And we cannot allow Plaid Cymru to break apart over 'independence'. Hence we'll agree to hold a referendum but only after two consecutive terms in office!