Friday 2 April 2010

Plaid man in honesty shock

This blog can exclusively reveal today that one of Plaid Cymru's candidates for the forthcoming election has declared his intention to support the policies adopted by the party's membership and included in the party's manifesto, and to refer to them during his election campaign. Even more shockingly, the candidate concerned is advocating the same policies which he has been heard to espouse in the past.

One experienced commentator said, "This will clearly be embarrassing news. It's not the sort of behaviour expected of politicians."

A spokesperson for the LabConLib Alliance declared, "This is a serious breach of accepted political practice, and must be condemned out of hand. Before we know where we are, people will be expecting consistency from other politicians."

On other pages – Pope revealed to have been a secret Catholic for at least 50 years.

Yes, I know – it's a day late.


Pelagius said...

Too true. And I so love the "5,000 jobs" fiction repeated by the 'churnalists' (q.v. Nick Davies, Flat Earth News). If they exist, most of these will be well outside Wales in Pennsylvania or Soâne et Loire where they actually build the nuclear reactors. But I've given up expecting 'probably the worst journalists in the world' going beyond regurgitating press releases from global corporations.

Unknown said...

Possibly Plaid candidates are too good, too honest, for British politics. Their impact in Westminster, despite Elfyn's occasional triumphs, are minimal. The hope is that they and the SNP will form a sufficient number to make a difference in a hung parliament.
The solution could be to widen the scope of Plaid activities, outside pure politics, to encompass culture, education and sport and community matters, and be a movement for regeneration.
Plaid candidates should not be tarred with the same brush as discredited unionist politicians. That was why I recommended last July that Plaid disengage from Labour who, let's face it, are the worst of the bunch.