Tuesday 13 April 2010

Don't mention the war

According the the Tories locally, their candidate is head of the Countryside Alliance, "which campaigns for rural communities and provides outdoor education opportunities for youngsters". It's a bit like saying that the Army runs the largest apprenticeship scheme in the UK. Both are entirely true, but neither statement conveys the entire truth about the organisation's aims.

The Countryside Alliance, like the Tory candidate in this constituency, has one single over-riding objective, namely the repeal of the Hunting Act. It's never mentioned locally though - those who support hunting know who to vote for, and those who don't would only be put off by the candidate's real objective.

No surprise then that the Labour campaign did their very best to highlight the issue yesterday.


Spirit of BME said...

Just two small points.

1. Plaid was the only Party in the English Parliament to vote against the Hunting Bill.
2. Its bad law,- it does not work ,its badly worded - a friend of mine went out hunting with three dogs for mice .He advised the police that he would be breaking the letter of Hunting Act, but they would not arrest him. -it`s a shambles.

In a Welsh Federal Republic it is local communities that will decide what will happen to foxes in their communities and not a English Parliament who could not get this Bill passed in their Second Chamber.

John Dixon said...


"Plaid was the only Party in the English Parliament to vote against the Hunting Bill".

Bit of an oversimplification there. Plaid does not have a party policy on the issue; it is a matter for individuals. Had I been in parliament at the time, I would not have voted against the act. I would, though, have supported devolving the issue to the National Assembly for decision.