Saturday, 10 April 2010

Fifteen Reasons

A good day's campaigning in Pembroke Dock today, and a large team out in support. The Conservatives in Wales were also in town - handing out a little leaflet entitled "15 reasons to Vote for Simon Hart".

When asked for a Welsh version of the leaflet, the response given was that they didn't have any. No surprise, therefore, that 'support for the Welsh language' didn't make the top 15.

Opposing Plaid Cymru's policy on Independence did though. That was a surprise, but also a compliment in a roundabout sort of way. Listing opposition to Plaid's constitutional policy as one of the 15 most important things that they can do suggests that they give the policy more credence than is usual for the Tories.

Their policy on spending cuts is to make some - but the only list on the leaflet is those things which they will not cut; hardly helping to spread enlightenment and knowledge about their real agenda.

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