Monday, 21 September 2009

With friends like these...

In the last county council elections, Plaid made gains across Carmarthenshire, but the most stunning progress was made in the Llanelli area, largely at the expense of the Labour Party. All the reports that I get tell me that our campaign to get Myfanwy Davies elected as a Plaid MP for Llanelli is also going well, and that the party is continuing to advance in the constituency.

No surprise then to hear that the local Labour Party are getting increasingly worried that the party is "haemorrhaging support". Given that, it's not really a huge surprise that the local party has written directly to Gordon Brown, calling for a reversal of a range of policies.

What perhaps is a surprise is that they've issued the letter to the local newspaper, the Llanelli Star, in order to start a very public process of putting as much distance as possible between them and their own party's government. It smacks of desperation to me. With friends like these, Gordon Brown doesn't really need any enemies.

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