Wednesday, 23 September 2009

No cold water

In response to my post yesterday, Matt Withers suggests that I am "pouring cold water" on Adam Price's future plans. Not at all - merely stating that which is as obvious to Adam as it is to me. It doesn't close off all options, it merely draws attention to the fact that some of the speculation that I've read has been a long way wide of the mark.


Anonymous said...

that matt withers just yaps before he even thinks

Anonymous said...

It doesn’t close off all options but it does make it very difficult. How can anybody (even Adam Price) run a “long hard campaign on the ground” when he will be in the USA? I suppose that will be the hard choice that Plaid members will have to make in any constituency Adam puts his name forward in: a superb but absent Adam Price or a less able candidate who can put in the hours. Perhaps putting Adam top of one of the regional lists is a more realistic compromise for all?