Friday, 4 December 2020

Why make things easy when you can complicate them?


It seems like only yesterday that we could confidently predict that the competent leadership of Boris Johnson, aided and abetted by a Brexit specifically designed to facilitate cross-border supply chains, guided by that special sense of English exceptionalism and superiority, coupled with the luxury of having many months to plan and prepare, would lead to a smooth and effective rollout of a Covid vaccination programme. With all of those advantages, who could possibly have predicted that, within 24 hours, the government would be taking emergency decisions to alter the order of priority for vaccination just days before the programme starts?

In other news, who could ever have foreseen that companies might decide to relocate facilities outside the UK in preparation for Brexit instead of building new facilities specifically to serve a state so important, and so exceptional, as the UK? That would be like expecting the Transport Secretary to know that viruses don’t understand the difference between ‘high value’ individuals and the rest of us plebs. It takes a really special kind of government – rather like the one which the UK has at the moment – to understand the importance of allowing a select few to spread the disease a little further when we are within sight of being able to get it under control. Holding the line for just a few more months would just make it too easy, wouldn’t it?

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