Thursday 3 December 2020

It will all be plain sailing


Yesterday’s announcement that the UK has licensed a vaccine for immediate use against Covid is welcome news. And it seems likely that one or more other vaccines will also be licensed shortly. The claim that a quick decision to license was somehow related to Brexit was rapidly debunked; if anything, the use of a vaccine developed by a German company run by a Turkish owner and manufactured in Belgium shows the benefit of a co-operative approach across borders.

Delivering a vaccine which requires storage at a very low temperature quickly and effectively would be challenging at the best of times to the best of governments, and erecting obstacles to importing it would clearly be something which any rational government would seek to avoid. With Boris providing the competence, Brexit facilitating the free movement of goods, and English exceptionalism driving us forward, what could possibly go wrong?


dafis said...

The arrogance is beyond belief. If anyone is guaranteed to make a dog's dinner of this rollout then be assured it is the UK goverment. The term "logistically sound" does not sit comfortably with these morons whose track record to date is self evident. No doubt one of Door Matt's chums, or some other spiv plugged into a Cabinet Minister, will end up doing some "key distribution service" for which he/she will get paid well over the odds, stock will go missing or fail to turn up on time. No prizes for those who can dream up other misadventures that these clowns are able or likely to conjure up to frustrate us.

Spirit of BME said...

The vaccine has landed.
Like the Old Duke of York, the Boy Johnson has marched the people up to the top of the pandemic hill and now must get them down and down can it be more difficult than up.
I think that HMG have been remarkably successful in creating hysteria, and anxiety throughout the realm by means of doggy statistics, controlling the message and most of all ensuring that the official opposition became no opposition at all. – Brilliant!
The BBC declared that the vaccine was the ‘cavalry arriving’, I am sure a phrase cleared by the message controllers from a list of sanctioned phrases, because the populace is now in a conditioned state to receive and accept any message that gives hope.
The vaccine has been described as passing ‘clinical trials’, that is correct, but not field trials that would take up to seven years and checks the medium /long term effects medicine has on fertility, mental disorder and the myriad of daily drugs that people take.
So, best of luck to the Boy Johnson and the health industry in the hope that the dear ninety old lady survives on this earth long enough to get her second jab, or the script will have to be rewritten.