Thursday, 20 August 2020

Revealing words

Choosing the right words is important, and given that Jeremy Miles is a lawyer as well as a politician, I can’t believe that he didn’t understand exactly what he was saying yesterday, when he expressed the Welsh Government’s concern that the Westminster power grab will “… accelerate the break-up of the Union”. ‘Accelerate’ conveys a clear suggestion that he understands that the only thing which is still within the power of unionist politicians is the rate at which the union disintegrates, not whether or not it does so. Whether he consciously intended to betray that belief is an open question, but an appeal not to accelerate a process is not at all the same thing as an appeal to halt it.
I don’t expect him, or any other member of the Welsh government, to suddenly become a full-on independentista, but clearly there is a growing recognition in their ranks not only that Scottish independence is being made increasingly likely by the actions of the English nationalist government in Westminster, but also that the tone-deaf response of Westminster, with its apparent belief that the antidote is ‘more Boris’ and more union flags, is exacerbating the problem. Neither do I imminently expect him or any other member of the Welsh government to start talking about what Wales should do in what is now the probable scenario. But, given the words Miles used yesterday, I cannot believe that they aren’t, in increasing numbers, at least thinking about what it would mean if the UK were reduced to a rump Englandandwales. There aren’t a whole load of steps between realising the consequences of that and supporting the only logical alternative.

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dafis said...

You wrote yesterday about the evident incompetence that is so prevalent within UK/English government. You could just as easily have cut and pasted those comments, changed a few names, inserted one or two minor amends and bingo you have an accurate criticism of our lot down the Bay. Competence is rare, almost extinct, among this lot and having the ability to comprehend that which comes from their own mouths is in decline.