Monday, 31 August 2020

Following instructions

For some strange reason, it seems that some Tory MPs are finding it increasingly difficult to support their government’s policy because that policy keeps changing at short notice. Apparently, they are not over-keen on defending a policy strongly one day, only to find out the next that it has changed. I can almost sympathise – it must be very hard to wake up in the morning not knowing what it is which they sincerely believe, but being aware that it’s probably the opposite of that which they sincerely believed the previous day. Even worse, they know that they’ll probably sincerely believe something different again by mid-afternoon. I’d always thought that 1984 and Animal Farm were a sort of warning, but the current government seems to be treating them more as instruction manuals.

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Gwyn Jones said...

He should be rechristened "Pinwheel de Pfeffel".