Monday, 27 April 2020

Why can't they see the obvious?

Apparently, one of the PM’s first tasks on returning to work will be pushing the leaders of the EU states to dedicate more attention to Brexit talks instead of dealing with other minor issues such as the pandemic. He can of course, speak from personal experience here – no, I don’t mean his own dose of the virus, I mean the way in which the government he led ignored the pandemic for weeks in order to concentrate on Brexit. It was an approach which worked out spectacularly well for the UK after all, coming from behind and shooting up the league table for the number of infections and deaths. If only the Germans had given the same undivided attention to Brexit, they too could have had a similar rate of ‘success’.
But of course it doesn’t really require the EU to give the matter too much thought anyway – as the report notes, the UK belief that “…there is ample time to agree and ratify a free-trade deal if the EU changes its position” offers all concerned a straightforward and quick way of dealing with the issue. It merely requires the EU to concede everything the UK government demands, which for such a special and exceptional country as the UK is surely only fair and reasonable. We do, after all, “hold all the cards”,  as Gove put it, and faced with such a winning hand, it is blindingly obvious that the EU has no choice but to immediately abandon its attempts to protect the single market and maintain its own cohesion. What is it, I wonder, which prevents these foreigners from seeing the unarguable truth which is staring them in the face?

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Spirit of BME said...

I think coming to conclusions as to who did what/or not and when is somewhat premature, as I detect a very different tone and stricter control of content in what news is released, I am with von Bismarck who said “don`t believe anything ,until it`s officially denied”. Let`s face it, Little Otto knew a few things about life changing crisis and human behaviour.
The trade agreement with the EU is in an impossible place, as when two side sign such an agreement, there is clear expectations of outcomes based on market projections. It is going to be nearly a decade before such patterns will emerge. So, no deal based on WTO is the more likely outcome for the 1st January.