Friday, 24 April 2020

Cakeism is immune to any virus

Meanwhile, away from the pandemic, talks between the UK and the EU stutter along with the UK continuing to demand the special and exceptional treatment to which its government feels it is entitled. According to reports from Germany, the UK is seeking not only to maintain its current access to Europol databases, but to do so without signing up to the EU’s rules on data protection (which the UK has, apparently, already breached anyway by illicitly sharing data with the US), and with an extra request thrown in that the EU should extend its databases to include additional information which the UK considers might be useful to it. No doubt any failure to agree here will all be the fault of those obstinate Europeans with their inability to understand just how special the UK is.
Interestingly, a German government report on the UK’s position in the Brexit talks says that, in relation to Europol, Britain wants to “approximate the position of a member state as closely as possible”. I suspect that there are many other areas in which sensible negotiators will seek to do likewise but are equally likely to be rebuffed. Of course, some of us can see one very straightforward way in which the UK could “approximate the position of a member state as closely as possible”. I won’t hold my breath waiting for the government to spot it.

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