Saturday, 23 December 2017

Highlighting the difference

Some people are being jolly unfair to the government, mocking their obsession with the colour of the UK passport.  Of course it’s true that they could have changed the colour at any time, regardless of Brexit, but why did they need to?  After all, whilst the UK remains a member of the EU, passport holders enjoy the same rights as other EU citizens.  But now we’re leaving, and are going to ‘enjoy’ reduced rights of travel across the EU, there are practical considerations.  A different colour will assist passport authorities in the rest of the EU by drawing attention to those travellers who have fewer rights so that we can be monitored more closely.  That is what Farage and others wanted and are now celebrating, isn’t it?  The only problem I see is that dark blue isn’t really distinctive enough – why couldn’t they have chosen a nice bright fluorescent colour to make our possession of reduced rights even more obvious?


Anonymous said...

This governent can't even get the right type of blue and is going to have the passport made in France or Germany not here in the UK. Front page of one of the red top rags thankfully has launched a campaign to repatriate the production to the UK!
Or is it intentional not incompetence? Plenty of stupidly silly little things to create talking points even on Radio 4 so we are distracted from the real substance of our failing negotiations?

Anonymous said...

Will this be an opportunity for the UK government to add a little card to the passpord document as they did with our driving licences and will we be one step closer to previous Labour and Tory government's dream of ID cards?