Friday, 4 August 2017

Baldrick and the cunning plan

Could it really be, as some in Brussels are starting to suspect, that the UK’s apparently shambolic approach to Brexit is all a bluff, part of a cunning plan to lull the EU27 into a false sense of security?  Under this interpretation, it’s not that they don’t have a strategy at all; it’s more that their strategy is one of pretending not to have a strategy so that they can brilliantly blindside everyone in a few months’ time.
I can see why the rest of the EU might fear that this might be the case.  And I can see why many in the UK might be hoping it’s the case – it’s far better to believe that than to believe that the government really is completely clueless.  But such an analysis goes against a variant of Occam’s razor.  When in doubt, the simplest and most obvious explanation (in this case, total cluelessness) is generally to be preferred.
And as we learned from that master of philosophy and deception, Baldrick, cunning can sometimes be a euphemism for extremely stupid.


Spirit of BME said...

I think you are been taken in by the English press on the state of negotiation between this realm and the EU. The answer for the lack of progress is rather simple, it is waiting for the German Elections this year.
The late and much lamented former leader of the SNP (quite rightly) labelled the EU as the Fourth Reich (4th R) as the whole project is underpinned by it being of value to Germany and its benefits on trading on a global basis, on a carefully designed weaker currency.
The upcoming election will see the return of the same party but it will be weaker and Frau may not survive, if she does the structure and tone of the new coalition will be different and when all that is sorted then the 4thR will let Brussels know what the script will be for the Brexit talks.
The BBC and Sky do not report this as they are pro Europe and such news would expose the reality of power and would give power to the Baldrick`s and the great unwashed who foolishly voted against the wish of the elites. Neither does such news sell newspapers, but blaming your own side does.
Finally, I think you are being a bit harsh on Baldrick, as he is a great study of the English who live outside the world of the elites. In the fourth episode, he states the bleeding obvious on how the war could be stopped, but is slapped down by the elites (Lt George) and like the Baldrick`s of today he fails to challenge further owing to the in-bred deference and only getting a bog-standard education, which the elites continually remind them that they should be greateful.

huw meredydd said...

> Spirit of BME (Baldrick Morgan Edwards?)

The power of the German economy is a fact and will be there whether we are part of the EU, the UK or any other future grouping - United Celtic States, anybody?). The setting up of a northern European North Korea will make no significant difference. German power has always been mercantile - Hanseatic League - they didn't bother with empires.

Sky is vague on everything (they only deal in headlines) and the BBC self censor to the extreme so there are few balanced sources of information (you should watch Euronews and France 24 to balance your coverage - and even Fox News in short sharp dosages). The astounding thing is that everyone is still talking about Brexit as though it was going to happen - which it ain't. The question is how do we get to that point swiftly, efficiently and without polarising opinion.

It could be argued that it is the elites that have got us into this mess (Cameron, etc.) it is true - but 'other' elites are making things worse (Rees-Mogg, Boris, etc.).

If you find yourself in a hole - stop digging. Nothing elitist about that.