Thursday 14 April 2016

Do they think we're stupid?

The party currently calling itself the “Welsh Conservatives” have kindly sent me a leaflet this week urging me to vote for the ‘Local Candidate’ on one ballot and ‘Welsh Conservatives’ on the other.  They don’t, however, seem to think it either necessary or appropriate to tell me who any of these people are. 
There are lots of photos in the leaflet, although it’s far from clear whether any of them are candidates in the election.  There are four pictures that I recognise - David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, Andrew RT Davies and Carwyn Jones – but the rest look like stock photos.  Of the four, only two are actually named.  Apparently, Jeremy Corbyn wants me to vote for him for another five years to make the same mistakes, whereas David Cameron is delivering economic security.  But neither of them are actually in power at the moment nor will they be on the ballot paper for the election. 
The leaflet also proclaims rather boldly that Labour hold 30 seats in the Assembly and that if they lose just one seat they lose power.  Do they really believe that themselves?  Two possibilities strike me; the first is that they really do, in which case their understanding of Welsh politics and the electoral system is, shall we say, a little shaky; and the second is that they don’t believe it, but they think that I (and other electors) will be stupid enough to fall for the lie.
Still, credit where credit’s due – at least it’s bilingual nonsense, which is a huge step forward from a lot of the past efforts of the Tories.


glynbeddau said...

John thanks for saving me the job of repeating the above. But one question. Is this a Free delivery of an Election Communication" or did the Tories pay for it.

If so it would surely cut into their Electoral Expenses".

John Dixon said...


it is clearly a free election communication delivered by the post office, despite not mentioning a single candidate. It's an 'interesting' approach.

Anonymous said...

Goes to show that the Tories are not part of the solution in Wales.