Monday 6 April 2009

Shoes, not sandals

Plaid had a very good conference at the weekend. There were a number of things which we tried for the first time, and the response was overwhelmingly positive – the conference was a great deal more interactive than it has been in the past.

I took part in a session on blogging, along with Bethan, Heledd, Dyfrig, Huw and Iain, most of whom have already referred to the event. I'm just a bit slower than them. It was interesting to get someone like Iain along who brought a different perspective.

Overall, the mood was very upbeat – very different from the image of the party given by some recent newspaper reports, which seemed to be talking about a different party at times.

Oh, and whatever Betsan might have said, I was definitely NOT wearing sandals. It's the other John Dixon, from Cardiff, who's a member of the Lib Dems, not me. She was correct in her assessment of the conversation, however - it was entirely amicable.

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