Thursday 9 April 2009

Free Thinkers

Carmarthenshire county council's leader came up with a brilliant idea when one item was under discussion at yesterday's council meeting. She suggested that councillors should have a free vote on the issue.

I immediately sensed a degree of consternation amongst members of her 'Independent' group. They're not used to being allowed to decide anything for themselves; they're much more accustomed to performing a regular display of what Old Grumpy in neighbouring Pembrokeshire refers to as 'synchronised voting'. If they had to decide for themselves, how on earth would they know whether they were doing the right thing or not?

Fortunately, they were saved from having to make any such difficult decision, when a way was found to move on to the next item without having to take a formal vote at all.

The relief at not having to take a decision was almost palpable. I do hope she doesn't suggest anything like that again; it might cause a panic.

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