Thursday 18 September 2008

Tally Ho!

As I noted previously, I couldn't immediately see an obvious reason why a New York based hedge fund would suddenly decide to donate £40,000 to the Conservatives in Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire. It seemed a very odd connection to me.

It has been hard to establish much by way of hard information about the company concerned, Christofferson, Robb. Like all companies in their line of business, they tend to secrecy. Even their web site provides only a single page of information – and doesn't say a lot – unless you have a username and password.

However, I have established that the company was founded in 2002 by Richard Robb and one Johan Christofferson. Now someone called Johan Christofferson was, until recently, one of the hunt masters at the Isle of Wight Hunt. Could this possibly be the same person? It's not exactly a common name.

If it is, it would explain much. The Conservative candidate for this constituency is currently the Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, committed to repealing the laws on hunting. Putting all of this together would mean, of course, that the Tory campaign in this constituency is being bankrolled by a former huntmaster using profits from a hedge fund which short sells shares in financial institutions and deals in the sort of mortgage-based securities which have been such a major factor in the recent financial turmoil.

It would also fit with the persistent rumours within the Tory camp locally that the party has been taken over by a group obsessed with a single issue – hunting.


Anonymous said...

The Conservative candidate for this consistency is also a man with a personality, whereas you are a grey, irrelevant nonentity. No offence.

John Dixon said...

Mr Orton,

The idea that hurling personal abuse at someone is not offensive is a new one on me. Have I possibly touched a raw nerve somewhere?

I don't believe that we've actually met, but in terms of the next election, I shall just put you down as a 'no'.

Do have a nice day.

Unknown said...

How can we allow such secrecy and lack of transparency in the massive funding of both Simon Hart and Stephen Crabb by the millionaires from Belize and the Isle of Wight (sic!) distort the election campaign in these two comstituencies? Lets find out more...and in these Lab -Tory marginals the Lib Dem supporters should know that they risk a Tory government and thus the chance of a much needed fairer voting sytem which has at last the chance of being implemented, if they vote Lib Tory- Liberal Marginals I hope the Labour members return the favour.

John Dixon said...


There are more than three parties fighting this election! The problem with voting tactically is that you end up with the candidate or party that fewest people dislike, rather than the one that most like.

There is a real danger, as I've said elsewhere, that whoever becomes the next prime minister will be there mostly because he isn't the other one.