Thursday 11 September 2008

Dangerous £s

I had the pleasure of sitting in the public gallery for a meeting of Carmarthenshire County Council yesterday. My favourite quote of the meeting came from the leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Kevin Madge, who said "The Assembly is dangerous when they get too much money". He does, of course, offer an obvious solution – give all the money to the county council to spend instead; although he did not actually define the nature of the danger – or how much exactly constitutes "too much" money.

I did wonder though whether this was official Labour Party policy. It might help to explain why they've been dragging their feet over reform of the Barnett formula. Just think how much more 'dangerous' the Assembly might become if it had a fairer share of money to spend on services in Wales.

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Anonymous said...

I would take everything Kevin Madge says with a pinch of salt. It is shocking that someone as politically inept as him could get to be in charge of any cabinet post at council level!