Wednesday 27 August 2008

Words of reassurance

There's a major redevelopment in progress in Carmarthen at the moment, and it seems that there have been rumours that the number of parking spaces may not be as high as the 960 which people were led to expect. I have no idea whether there is any truth in the rumours or not, but I must say that the 'reassurance' given by the developers' spokeswoman left me with more doubts than it resolved.

She said "I can confirm that we are still on target to provide up to 960 spaces". The word "still" leaves just a shadow of doubt in my mind; but the phrase "up to" succeeds in undermining the whole sentence. Doesn't "up to 960" include every possible number between 1 and 959, as well as the 960 expected? On the basis of this statement, they'd 'still' be 'on target' if they provided a solitary parking space. With reassurances like this, who needs rumours?

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