Saturday, 30 March 2019

The evolution of Moggthink

(paraphrasing the piffle)
Monday:  I’m a committed unionist and the DUP are the staunchest of all unionists.  If they continue to oppose the deal, I shall be obliged to stand with them and do the same.
Wednesday: The DUP are staunch unionists, and I shall listen very carefully to what they have to say before deciding how to vote, but if they abstain, that will be enough for me to be able to support the deal.
Friday:  Who gives a *%#* what the DUP think, anyway?

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Spirit of BME said...

I think The Mogg is just reiterating the Palmerston Law -
“England has no eternal friends,
England has no perpetual enemies.
England has only eternal and perpetual interests”
I have always believed that this quote should be the cornerstone of Welsh education