Friday, 15 March 2019

Using different arguments

In response to the decisions by the House of Commons this week, part of the PM's response was to argue that if MPs aren't careful, there could be a second referendum, and Brexit could be lost.  I wouldn't use the word 'lost', but her point is essentially sound, and is a clear recognition by her that opinions might well have changed to the point where the result of a new referendum on a specific proposal might be different.

On the other hand, she has now twice presented what is effectively the same proposal to MPs and seems determined to present it at least once more.  The only valid reason for re-presenting the same proposal on multiple occasions can be that she believes that a sufficient number of MPs might have changed their minds to lead to a different outcome.  And she might even be right on that as well, although it currently appears unlikely.

In effect, therefore, the argument is that 'democracy' demands that:

  • The public can't have another vote, albeit on a different proposal, because they might have changed their minds
  • MPs must have another vote on the same proposal because they might have changed their minds

It's a strange world we live in.

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dafis said...

John I know that you are a Remain supporter and I voted for Brexit, albeit for reasons which would be deemed by some to be contrary to the long term interests of the unified British state. However the Mrs May-led fiasco is a total car crash now.
Trying to please too many diverse interest groups yet not really listening to what any of them has to say is not a good way to foster some sort of compromise stance for "U.K" let alone initiate a sense of goodwill with those who represent the EU.

I used to believe that she was setting out deliberately to derail any form of Brexit, that she was still a closet Remainer engaged in a devious plan while purporting to deliver that famous will of the people. My mind is changed. She is downright incompetent, an imbecile straight out of Blackadder's book of cunning plans each step being more dimwitted than the previous. She has rendered progress unsafe yet seems wedded to "no going back" just like her DUP allies were back in the dark days of the Irish Troubles.
There will be no resolution to this problem until she is removed.