Monday, 25 March 2019

A very Brexity coup

There was much speculation over the weekend that the PM’s time is up.  According to the reports, based on off-the-record briefings by numerous members of the cabinet, she would be faced by a clear demand to stand aside at this morning’s meeting of the cabinet.  Later in the day, those rumoured to be the beneficiaries of the putative coup came forward to dismiss the rumours, arguing that now is not the time to change.  Whether there will or won’t be a show-down this morning remains to be seen, but the briefings certainly look like an attempt to bounce the PM into announcing her resignation in advance, so that none of the plotters had to get their hands dirty by actually confronting her this morning.
I thought, though, that there was something deliciously ‘Brexity’ about the whole coup attempt.  Judging from the numbers of cabinet members who seem to have loose tongues in private – from all factions of the Brexit debate – it appears that the cabinet is united in wanting rid of the old, but utterly at a loss when it comes to deciding what the new looks like or how to get there.  To coin a phrase - 'Nothing has changed'.

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