Saturday 25 May 2024

Spotting the difference


Here are two pictures of Starmer surrounded by Labour’s ‘Change’ posters in recent days – one from the Guardian taken in England, and one from Sky News taken in Scotland.

Do they think no-one will notice?


Anonymous said...

I think people will notice, won't like it, but it won't stop them changing from SNP to Labour. A combination of Nicola Sturgeon's incompetence and perpetual 'teasing' of an 'INDY 2' vote has meant that people now think about independence as something for the distant future, rather than imminent as seemed only three years ago. They will hence vote on everyday issues - the SNP (rather like the civic sections of Plaid Cymru) having foregone common sense and shacked up with the unpleasant elements of the Green Party. I hope Scotland and Catalonia aren't going the way of Quebec.

Anonymous said...

I am inclined to agree with your previous commentator. Plaid's insistence on pandering to frequently highly dubious individuals consumed with specific issues with absolutely no interest in a Welsh national life have lost it a significant amount of support.