Monday 2 October 2023

Yes, they really can be this incompetent


Over the weekend, Sky News reported on some leaked messages from a What’s App group run by the Conservative Democratic Organisation. This is the organisation founded by supporters of Boris Johnson with the repeatedly denied aim of restoring him to what they see as his rightful position as Prime Clown and First Lord of Chaos. To say that many of those commenting are making rather unfavourable remarks about Rishi Sunak would be something of an understatement. Others buy in to sundry, and fundamentally antisemitic, theories about globalists and the World Economic Forum.

When it comes to talk of conspiracy, my own favourite was the one who argued that, “No party can be this incompetent on purpose. It's got to be by design”, thereby proving that the author, at least, really can be that incompetent by accident, given that he or she either thinks there is some fundamental difference between “on purpose” and “by design” or has failed to transcribe his or her thoughts accurately. Actually, however, I wonder if he or she might accidentally have hit the nail on the head – perhaps the party and its leader really aren’t as incompetent as they look and are actively trying to ensure defeat in the next election. Given that Labour are so busy trying not to rock any boats that they’re signing up to changing very little when they get into government, it might make sense for the Tories to legislate for a whole series of incoherent and damaging policies, locking Labour into implementing them. Meanwhile, they can change leader again and criticise the Labour government for implementing the very policies that they themselves have passed. It might even be their fastest route back to power.

It would be a very cunning plan. Unfortunately, I tend to side with Occam on this: the simplest explanation is that they really are as incompetent as the person writing the comment thinks, and that it’s neither on purpose nor by design.

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