Thursday 28 July 2022

An innovative Truss


Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best, and Liz Truss has certainly managed to come up with one of the simplest solutions ever. Faced with what she sees as an unacceptable rate of murder in the UK, she will order police forces in Englandandwales to cut the number of murders by 20% before the next election. Some might think that it raises a number of awkward questions, such as why the other 80% of deaths due to homicide are acceptable. After all, if the number can be reduced by 20% by simply issuing an order to police forces, why not 50%, or 80% - or even 100%. Those are, however, mere details: we should be focussing instead on the innovative approach of government by decree and asking ourselves how it can be applied elsewhere.

One of the biggest issues of the day is global warming – following the new methodology, we can solve that by instructing the Met Office to reduce temperatures by 3 degrees Centigrade across the UK. That will be a lot cheaper than taking measures to reduce emissions. And rising sea levels – the Royal Navy could be ordered to turn back the sea before it reaches the coastline. Better than building new flood defences or abandoning some seaside communities completely. Fuel poverty, or even poverty more generally? No problem – people can easily be ordered not to be poor. Once the potential of this innovative approach is fully understood, the possibilities are endless, and since none of them require any government expenditure at all, every problem can be solved whilst still cutting taxes dramatically. Her financial programme starts to make sense after all.

It's such an obvious approach that I can’t imagine why no-one has thought of it before.


Anonymous said...

To make it more realistic and transparent will Truss set individual targets for each force? I guess a lot of Chief Constables and Police and Crime Commissioners will be getting a bit nervous. As the Tories like markets so much will they consider a trading system a bit like the sale of Carbon Credits? Could we see representatives of the Met coming to Dyfed Powys to buy up some Welsh quotas?

dafis said...

Having slaughtered anything remotely akin to honesty, integrity, transparency etc etc it should be a matter of course that any senior member of this Tory Cabinet should be able to deal with the issue of "slaughter" itself.! I'm just gobsmacked by our media's failure to expose the utter shallowness and duplicity of the musings of both Truss and Sunak. They have been duped by, or are party to,the diversion of the general public's attention away from the realities of what is going on around us. Not a peep about absurd surges in the profits of likes of Shell and Centrica although the BBC conspired to allow some mealy mouthed spinner to "justify" profits in terms of investment commitments.