Friday 24 June 2022

An over-powered jet of hot air


Apparently, Jacob Rees-Mogg believes that one of the most important benefits of Brexit would be the ability to sell higher powered vacuum cleaners. Why any manufacturer would want to produce and sell over-powered and inefficient machines specifically for a small market like the UK when they can just as easily sell the same efficient and equally effective machines that they are selling elsewhere is unanswered question. Still, given that engineering and economics weren’t even subjects when Jake was a lad, we should probably overlook his ignorance of both.

It reminded me of the cleaner in our house when I was young – so around 60 years ago, I guess. The flexible hose could optionally be attached at either end, with one end providing suction for cleaning, and the other a jet of air for … well, no-one was quite sure what it was for, which is presumably why they don’t make them like that any longer. Perhaps they should reintroduce them though. An inefficient and over- powered device producing a jet of hot air of little use to anyone seems like a deserving first entry on the list of Brexit benefits. It’s quite a good analogy for Jake as well.

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