Sunday, 26 September 2021

Divide and rule suits the rulers, not the masses


Divide and rule is one of the oldest tricks in the book for ruling elites, at all times and in all places. And it’s working very well for the current government, facing a food / energy / fuel crisis. We should remember that:

·        it was the government which decided to opt for a form of Brexit which imposed wholly unnecessary barriers to trade and free movement with our nearest neighbours;

·        it was the government which decided, as part of that, to opt out of Europe-wide energy trading arrangements;

·        it was the government which decided, again as part of that process, to make it difficult for European truckers to pick up and transport loads within the UK as part of their return trip, therefore making such trips less financially viable;

·        it was the government which decided to create a ‘hostile environment’, encouraging EU workers to leave and deterring them from returning.

The current crises, in their entirety, are the direct result of decisions taken by a government which considered an ideologically pure form of Brexit to be worth the pain and disruption which it would cause. Yet, take a glance across social media, listen to daily conversations, and what do we see? Many people are blaming and criticising each other, not the government. Turning us against each other serves them well – and damages the interests of most of us. From the perspective of those who hold, and want to retain, power it must surely feel like an enormous success. The response which they fear most – of people coming together and building greater social solidarity – has been pushed further away than ever. When will we ever learn?

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