Friday 25 September 2020

Doing the math


The government’s cunning plan to stop lorries at the Kent border after January 1st is clearly an effective way of preventing an ever-growing queue in Kent. The government’s own estimates suggest that the queue could contain 7,000 lorries, and at around 50+ feet long (and in single file) that would easily lead to a 60+ mile long queue. Given that the M20 along which most of them would be travelling is only about 50 miles long, even the most mathematically challenged minister (and that’s a tough competition) could understand why action needed to be taken. I can’t help wondering, though, how long it will be before any of them realise that swapping a 60 mile queue in Kent for two 30 mile queues at the Kent border (one in Surrey, the other in Essex) might not be as comprehensive a solution as they seem to be assuming? I suppose that the 117-mile-long M25 could turn out to be a cheaper lorry park than some of those being proposed.

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