Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Still they struggle with their own ideology

In his latest statement to MPs today, the Chancellor has excused his failure to provide any safety net for the self-employed by arguing that finding a way to help only those who need it is proving too complicated, because some help might go to those who don't need it.  But, in a crisis which is going to leave some people desperate, which is better: providing immediate support for all the people in that group and risk some of that help being unnecessary (with the possibility of clawing it back after the event always being available), or abandoning all the people in that group to their fate until such time as the bureaucrats can work out a watertight system of rules and application processes?  Tory ideology is still getting in the way of doing what is right and necessary.

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dafis said...

Bureaucrats and politicians enjoy security of salary,pension,and other benefits. Not likely to have much empathy with the ordinary Joe or Jane who has to run a small business delivering most of its services him/herself often scratching around like a demented chicken to bring in work and make sure the cash flows to cover outgoings.

Big wet softies running the country while real people slog away day in day out. Will change ever come or are we eternally stuck in this rut ?