Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Making our own rules

A lot of people are being very unkind to Michael Gove following his admission that almost all imports and exports to and from the EU will be subject to border checks from next year, after he and other Brexiteers have spent years arguing that trade will be frictionless.  The critics are missing the point – this is all about taking back control.  From 1st January next year, we will no longer have to follow all those horrid and bureaucratic EU rules which arbitrarily imposed free trade between the UK and the EU.  Instead, we will be entirely free to set our own rules to limit and complicate trade with the EU by putting it on the same footing as trade with non-EU countries.  It may look like bureaucracy and regulation, but it’s British bureaucracy and regulation.  That’s exactly what people voted for, isn’t it?

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Gav said...


Philip Hammond was right that people who voted for Brexit did not vote to make themselves poorer. Instead, they voted to make not only themselves but a whole lot of other people poorer as well.

Some of them seem quite proud of this.