Tuesday 7 August 2018

Determining lunacy

According to the Sunday Times (paywall), David Cameron concluded during the run-up to the EU referendum that the then Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor, Michael Gove was ‘mad’ and ‘behaving like a lunatic’.  I’m not in a position to judge – the fact that he sometimes looks a bit mad is far from adequate grounds to draw any conclusion.  But Cameron appointed him to the job, and should have been in a better position to make a judgement than I.
Mildly amusing though it is to see Tories falling out amongst themselves, not just over policy but in such a highly personal fashion as well, it surely raises as many questions about Cameron as it does about Gove.  After all, if the Prime Minister had really come to the conclusion that his Justice Secretary was as mad as a box of frogs, why on earth did he leave him in charge of the Department of Justice?  It doesn't look like the action of a responsible Prime Minister.
Perhaps Cameron wasn’t preparing to sell an otherwise boring book back then…

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