Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Jam, cheese, and crisps

It sounds a bit like the sort of sandwich which Elvis was reputed to favour, but it’s really about the shape of Britain’s bold new future.  That future is becoming ever clearer thanks to the intrepid threesome of Fox, Gove and Johnson.  Where would we be without them?
It was Fox who told us back in March that the UK would be able to sell “innovative jam” to the French (who currently just happen to be the world’s second largest jam exporters), although he didn’t tell us exactly what an innovative jam is.  Then in December, Gove told us that Brexit means we all need to be more patriotic about cheese, in order to ensure that the price of Cheddar does not go up too much post Brexit.  And then, a couple of days before Christmas, Johnson lauded the sale of crisps to Russia as an example of the UK’s exporting might.
Basing a modern twenty-first century developed economy on jam and crisps and only eating British cheese – what could possibly go wrong?

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