Monday, 24 October 2016

Negotiations and tantrums

Putting on his most grim and determined face, the First Minister yesterday declared that Wales must have tariff-free access to the single market post-Brexit and that this is a ‘red line’ issue for him.  Indeed, he went so far as to say that if we don’t get that, then he will not support any deal which emerges from the eventual negotiations.
So, when it becomes even clearer than it already is that the UK will not be allowed to opt in to the single market whilst opting out of freedom of movement (and he also said in his latest utterance that he too wants to limit freedom of movement), what exactly will he do?  Put on an even more serious face and stomp his feet?  Tour the television studios saying how awful the Tories are?  But he already does both of those – would we notice any difference?
Despite the Prime Minister’s statement that Carwyn Jones will have a direct line to David Davis to express his views, ‘expressing his views’ is all he will be allowed to do – and, of course, take his fair share of the blame for having been party to a process which will not deliver what he wants.  Of course, if Wales were an independent country, then he really would have a veto over deals affecting us.  But he doesn’t want that – he just wants to be able to stamp his feet and have an occasional tantrum.  And then wonder why Wales’ voice is being ignored.


Anonymous said...

Quite so.

It might be useful to remember who voted him in as First Minister.

(ps. Why does Plaid persistently flip flop on every single policy issue, sometimes even after decades? Imagine the chaos if the party ever achieved even a modicum of real power.)

Anonymous said...

Agree entirely, but even if Wales had voted to Remain Carwyn would have done the same as he's done since June, hide and pretend things aren't happening.

However Carwyn should tell Welsh voters they'll get what they voted for, the same levels of immigration but with tariff access to the single market and no EU funding.

Anonymous said...

Have I go this right ?

Brexit has caused economic uncertainty - the like of which we have never seen before. We are most likely leaving the free market. The pound is in freefall. Inflation is on the up. The banks are on the brink of relocating to somewhere within the EU. Some companies are already moving to the continent. New Zealand lamb will soon be flooding the market, putting Welsh farmers out of business, and ... and, in order to keep the Welsh on board ... the first Minister of Wales will be allowed direct contact with one of the Three Stooges.

But which one ? Moe, Larry or Curly ?