Friday, 16 September 2016

The relevance of qualifications

I never realised until yesterday how useful an HGV driving licence could be.  If I’d realised that it qualified the holder to dispute the well-established consensus view of academics and researchers on matters such as climate change, I might have tried to get one.  I had foolishly believed that it dealt only with the finer points of driving a lorry. 
Now that my misconceptions have been so dispelled, I can only support the proposal that one particular holder of such a licence should indeed be given a platform to debate climate science with those who have the temerity to claim to be experts in the field, a claim whose sole basis is many years of study and research.
Any suggestion that I might be looking forward to the prospect of the MP for Monmouth making himself “look silly” as he put it in his own words would be no more than foul calumny.  The only slight problem that I foresee is finding a serious climate scientist willing to pit his knowledge and learning against someone who possesses such an outstandingly relevant qualification as an HGV licence.

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