Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Political Logic

Like Military Intelligence, it’s probably an oxymoron, but that doesn’t make it funny.  Both the Tories and Labour seem to be suffering from logic problems at the moment.
On the Labour side, the argument of those trying to oust Corbyn, as I understand it, runs something like this: working people need a Labour Government to protect them from the Tories, and the only way that we can get a Labour Government is to ditch a leader who is likely to try and protect working people from the Tories and replace him with someone who broadly agrees with most of what the Tories say.
On the Tory side, Crabb and his supporters seem to be saying that the best way to keep the UK united is to elect as Prime Minister a man who will be unable to vote in Parliament for any of his own party’s policies on health, education and a host of other issues because in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland these are devolved matters, and in England, his own party has introduced a rule barring him from voting.
Those of us yearning for a seismic change in UK politics should be pleased at the mess that both those parties are getting themselves into, but, outside of Scotland, I worry about the alternative.


G Horton-Jones said...

Now is the time for Plaid members to set out in plain words what they want for Wales.

Ieu said...

Excellent point about Crab. I haven't seen any mention of it in MSM.

Anonymous said...

Wales has zero leverage and in this vote, surrendered its difference with England.

Plaid Cymru has been very active in the media, surprisingly so, but doesn't really have any leverage either. Making noise is probably better than doing nothing, but I really fear for the future of Wales.

G Horton-Jones said...

Have we forgotten that Wales attachment to England resulted from historic events
Can I refer you to the Treaty of Marie sur Epte when the French were forced to concede land that became called Normandy to the Viking raiders aka norsemen. Which in turn led to 1066 and so forth The Act of Union has no Welsh signatories and as such was an act of simple annexation. The relationship with Scotland was on an entirely different basis
Put bluntly if Wales walks away from England we can ignore UK and Britain in this argument for we not the English are British then no country in the world could oppose such an action