Wednesday, 11 May 2016

What a stroke of luck

I find it hard to imagine that any sovereign parliament, anywhere in the world, would allow someone who doesn’t live in the country, and who has no intention of moving to live there, to be elected as a member, to draw a salary of £84,000 a year for the privilege, and to appoint his spouse to run his office on another generous salary.  Aren’t we lucky in Wales that those nasty nationalists haven’t succeeded in making the Assembly a sovereign parliament?


m said...

How about Kinnock aswell!!

Cneifiwr said...

This is something which needs to be addressed. There is a residency qualification if you want to become a member of a community council with next to no powers, and I can't see why the same rules should not apply to assembly members. They should be required to show that they have an address in Wales which has been their sole or principal residence for at least a year before standing for election.

Anonymous said...

The leader of a party in the same country is appointed by someone who has no vote in that country, pays no tax in that country and does not live in the country. The members of that party have no right to elect their leader. Hardly 21st century democracy.Bit like the magic circle of Tory politics in the 1960s.