Tuesday 29 March 2016

My dad's bigger than your dad

I’m not sure quite what impact the pro and anti EU camps think lists of prominent businessmen supporting their respective causes will have.  The fact that one bunch of fat-cats support remaining and another bunch support leaving doesn’t do a lot for me.  Perhaps it will swing some votes, perhaps not.
But arguing over who has the longest, or the most accurate, or the most credible list of fat-cats is a debate even further removed from the core discussion about the merits or otherwise of EU membership.  It’s more reminiscent of a squabble amongst children than a grown-up debate about the future direction of the country, however one defines ‘country’ in this context.
There are two alternative views as to what the impact of leaving the EU would be on business, and of course the reasons for those differing views should be a part of any rational debate about the decision which is to be taken.  But does anyone really believe that the question of who is right on the issue boils down to who has the longest list of supporters? 

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