Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Who's controlled from London?

In advance of yesterday’s great debate between Carwyn Jones and Nigel Farage, the First Minister told us that UKIP are a threat to Wales.  I agree (although I might also apply the same phrase to the Labour Party, whilst I suspect that Carwyn would not). 
He also said that UKIP are “very much controlled from their party headquarters in London.  There’s no other party in Wales that’s like that.”  I’m not so sure about the truth of that one – the words that popped into my mind were pots and kettles.  There is after all no such thing as “Welsh Labour”; it’s merely a ‘local brand’ used by the British Labour Party.  It keeps no separate accounts, is funded from Party HQ in London, and is only ‘allowed’ to debate issues which are devolved to the Assembly.
Perhaps he just has a different definition of ‘controlled from London’ than I do. 

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Anonymous said...

Labour in lack of self awareness shocker!

It’s wasn’t only Carwyn's ‘controlled from London’ line that made me smile, he and Labour are now using Plaid Cymru’s attack lines from the General Election that they derided like calling Farage hard right and a danger to Wales, they didn’t work for Plaid and they wont for Labour, UKIP’s opponents need a new strategy and new attack lines.