Tuesday 8 December 2015

Jobs for life

I have only limited sympathy for those poor Labour MPs who are being castigated for voting in favour of dropping bombs in Iraq.  Some of the threats and language contained in the messages were clearly unacceptable and have no place in rational political discourse; my sympathy is limited solely to those receiving those particular comments.
But much of what some of the MPs seem to be complaining about doesn’t look much different from the normal cajoling, threats and blackmail which are the stock-in-trade of the Whips’ Offices; and it looks as though some of the more delicate souls amongst them are really complaining more about the source of the responses than about their content.  How dare ordinary party members – let alone the voting public – threaten not to vote for MPs just because they disagree with them?
But why on earth shouldn’t members of any party, who have selected a candidate for election and then canvassed and leafletted on his or her behalf, have an absolute right to withdraw their support and demand an opportunity to select a candidate more in tune with their own views?  The concept of deselection or reselection of MPs is being treated as though it is utterly outrageous, and the MPs concerned sound as though they believe that they should have a job for life, regardless of what they do or say.  Why?  What gives them that right?  The very fact that they think they should have such a right underlines how far the Labour Party has drifted from being the property of its members.


Cneifiwr said...

Spot on, as usual. A couple of weeks ago Nick Robinson told listeners to the Today Programme in outraged tones that some poor Labour MPs had been called "red Tories" by critics on social media. How appalling!

WelshnotBritish said...

Let's not forget that Labour also use the threat of de selection as a weapon to force their politicians to follow orders as we have seen in Cardiff with the councillors who threatened to vote against the budget.

It's also worth pointing out that most Labour MPs voted to bomb Iraq in September 2014 yet we didn't have the same coverage or outrage back then.

As for them being called Red Tories, do they object at the EBC using the term Tory to describe the Conservatives?

Spirit of BME said...

Those Labour M. P`s that voted to bomb, can take heart that their souls will be saved as Mr Welby stated in the House of Lords that war met the Church of England`s “Just War” criteria.
As for changing politicians President Regan stated “that politician like nappies need to be changed regularly and usually for the same reason”