Friday, 11 March 2011

Post Hain Ergo Propter Hain

In the opinion poll published today, Plaid’s support is down 2 points in the immediate wake of Pater Hain’s attack on the party and its leader.  Apparently, that is enough for Hain to conclude that his attack strategy is working.
I’ll have to revise my opinion of him if this carries on.  It must be quite something to be able to swing public opinion across Wales so significantly just by uttering a few brief sentences.


Paul Williams said...

Best blog title of the year!

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia reminds me that Peter Hain is a white South African whose claim to fame is based upon his activity in support of the anti apartheid campaign
My memory tells me that this was all about a colonial situation where the indigenous people were oppressed by a colonial power
Fast forward to the referendum result where the people of the tiny Welsh colony seem to some to have exercised some (how dare they )rebellion against the colonial power over the dyke !! did any body mention guerilla warfare ??
Perhaps this outburst from Hain Almighty is an admission that his stance on anti-apatheid was a means to an end - his future and that he either secretly admires Ieuan as the Mandela of Wales or his old South African idea of total dominance of the natives in his gene pool has re emerged from the shadows

Anonymous said...

The world revolves around him.

You're so Hain I bet you think this song is about you...

Anonymous said...

May be we should change to
Mae Hain wlad fy nhadau if he is that imposing lol