Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Messages in bottles

The idea that any election, referendum, protest or whatever is an opportunity to ‘send someone a message’ has become almost de rigueur.  Ed Miliband is the latest example.  Visiting the Welsh Labour Conference to encourage his party to greater efforts for May’s election, he managed to talk largely about matters which are non-devolved and then say that the election is an opportunity to ‘send a message’ to the UK Coalition Government.
What sort of ‘message’ might that be, I wonder?  Wales preferring Labour to the Tories is hardly something new or original – and I can’t believe that Cameron isn’t pretty well aware of that already.
What’s wrong with the idea that the election in May isn’t about sending anyone any messages?  Is electing the next Welsh Government really too insignificant and unworthy as an aim in itself?

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