Sunday 19 September 2010

To infinity and beyond

It looks like Nick Clegg got a bit carried away with his own rhetoric during his launch of the campaign for a 'yes' to the AV system yesterday. Considering that it's a system that the Lib Dems have never argued for, I suppose he was always in for a tough time convincing his own troops, but this quote is a classic.

"I know AV may not be the favourite voting system of everyone here, but ... we all agree that AV is infinitely fairer than what we have at the moment."

How much fairer than 'infinitely fairer' does he think STV can be, I wonder?


Ioan said...

Don't forget that not all sets of infinite numbers are the same size...
Maybe FPP could be thought of as a set of Natural Numbers, AV is the (infinite) set of all Natural Numbers, and STV could be thought of as all irrational numbers, which is infinitely bigger than AV!

"Ty draw i'r di-bendraw" yn Gymraeg?

John Dixon said...

"not all sets of infinite numbers are the same size

It's mathematics, Jim, but not as we know it. And not as my maths teachers taught it either.