Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Do try and keep up

Interesting that Nick Bourne states today that he has written to Carmarthenshire county council opposing the proposals to close four care homes.

It seems that the proposals he is opposing are the same ones which were thrown out on the motion of Plaid's councillors a fortnight ago.

Maybe he's just been on a stable-door bolting course.


Robert said...

Have they been thrown out now, if thats true well done Plaid, being severely disabled my self it's worrying to see care hones closing and respite centers. I see now they are on about closing Heol Gofa respite and care center,(Llanelli) because it would take a million Pounds to up grade, this place is vital to people with mental health, if we can give £9 million to the rugby team,and build them a brand new £29 million stadium I think they can find a million to upgrade Heol Gofa.

John Dixon said...


The scrutiny committees clearly rejected the plans. What happens next is not entirely clear at present, but we are expecting a group to be set up to consider an alternative policy.