Friday, 16 January 2009

Conflicting promises

The Green Man has written to me with a cut and pasted list of Peter Black's accusations of alleged failures by Plaid Cymru, seeking an explanation. It's an interesting, if somewhat muddled, list that Peter has put together, and to which Green Man has added some extra 'failures' in a comment before sending them on to me.

Inevitably, the original list has the sort of spin which one might expect of an opposition politiican. Lib Dem AMs are, of course, entitled to try and portray Plaid in the worst light possible, but he was really struggling with some of the items on his list. It felt a bit like he'd decided that he was going to get to a list of 10 by hook or by crook - but even after stretching the points as far as he could, he could still only manage a pretty tenuous 9.

In an even more interesting piece of spin, Green Man manages to invent promises that we never made in order to accuse us of not keeping them. It's an interesting approach, but pretty pointless really. According to him, we promised both a "moratorium on all further Wind Turbine developments" and "to cover all the best bits of Wales with ugly useless subsidised wind turbines". I suppose it's inevitable that he concludes we've only kept one of them – it would have been pretty difficult to keep both. In reality, of course, we promised neither and have done neither, but why let mere facts get in the way of a good rant?

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