Wednesday 16 July 2008

Bourne aims at wrong target

Nick Bourne displays his outrage today over the One Wales Government's legislative programme, choosing to target in particular the lack of mention of the Welsh Language. If he wants to attack people for a lack of support for the language, I can offer him a target much closer to home, where a few well chosen words from him might even have an effect.

It is standard practice for his party in this part of Carmarthenshire to issue all their literature in English only, and include a little note on the bottom saying that anyone who really wants it in Welsh can telephone and they will be sent a special version.

For all Bourne's fulminating, the Conservative Party in these parts remains very much an English party. If they want to start claiming to be reaching out to Welsh-speakers, they need to do a bit more than express false outrage in occasional press statements.

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Efrogwr said...

There may be cynicism in NB's comments, but there also seems to be a real shift going on the language at the top of the Welsh Tory party so we in Plaid need to watch out (failing to deliver on the Welsh language newspaper was a blow to a lot of us and where IS the Welsh language LCO?). In the meantime, let's not alert the Tories to their campaigning ineptitude in Carms.